About Feeding Phoebe

Feeding Phoebe was started by Amanda S. Roberts in the spring of 2020 during her third year at university as a way to document the meals she cooked for her and her sister Phoebe. Like many others during the pandemic, she found herself spending more time at home than usual and more time in the kitchen. Cooking dinner every night for her and her sister provided a sense of routine and comfort amidst this globally uncertain time. Amanda spent that summer writing her first cookbook, FEEDING PHOEBE, FEEDING YOU, in the hope of sharing her recipes with others. 


Amanda is a Leo sun Virgo moon originally from New York City and currently studying art history at the University of St Andrews in the UK. When she isn’t cooking (or eating or fridge reorganizing or staying up late devising dinner party menus), you can find her visiting contemporary art exhibition, spending time with her sister, and drinking too much coffee. Her last meal on earth would most definitely be a pasta dish, probably spaghetti alle vongole.